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Push the Sky

Being in the feature film and animation industry for nearly 20 years, key member Raine Anderson has devoted himself on delivering top quality work to audiences of all ages. While working for such companies as Weta Digital, Pixar and now Industrial Light & Magic, Raine has been building up his skill set to develop storytelling and conceptual ideas across multiple mediums.

Raine Anderson - principal artist and consultant, currently residing in Vancouver, Canada

Who we are

What we do

We provide everything from initial concept through to final paint for children's books and young readers. Whether it be to help on part of the process such as story development or to create final illustrations and paintings for an author, Push the Sky is there to deliver top quality work for the children's book and young reader community.

Our goal

Push the Sky aims at delivering a variety of quality content to children of all ages. We want to help aid a child's imagination while inspiring them to create their own worlds and stories. The future of Push the Sky is to promote the power of storytelling on various mediums from print to digital, while maintaining many styles and voices.